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Sinbad's Jordan Pocket Guide

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About Sinbad
Sinbad the Sailor: The Power of Myth
The mythology of Sinbad the Sailor still retains a powerful attraction for many across the Middle East; he is a symbol of the region's seafaring history, and tales of his exploits are retold in different forms throughout the Arab Peninsula.   
The relevance of the Sinbad the Sailor mythology in contemporary Middle Eastern culture is made evident by the amount of places which claim him as one of their own. One such place is Sohar in Oman, which is claimed as the ‘birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor’. Sohar was an ancient capital of Oman and was an immensely important maritime port, from which traders embarked onwards to the Indian subcontinent and China. Sohar still retains the epithet ‘Gateway to China’ and in recent years, as Oman’s economy has grown, it has reemerged as an important trading port for the Arab peninsula and beyond.
source: the culture trip

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